Sex Offender Probation AZ - How ineffective therapy hinders rehabilitation

Sex Offender Probation Part 3 – A Castillo Law Series

Cindy Castillo Sex Crime, Arizona Law

In our Sex Offender Probation Series (Part One, Part Two), we’ve talked about the flaws in sex offender probation and what makes sex offender probation unfair. We’ve highlighted the problems that sex offender probation provides to everyone involved in the rehabilitation process, the inherent flaws in polygraphs, and now we will outline what’s wrong with the therapy required of probationers … Sex Sting Update 2015 Sex Sting Update 2015

Cindy Castillo Sex Crime, Arizona Law, Sex Stings

Video: BackPage Sex Sting Update 2015 Start Transcript: BackPage Sex Sting Update 2015 Last year, I did a video regarding As many of you might remember, we talked about the fact that here in Arizona, law enforcement was trying to clean up the valley and ensure that we sent out a message that there would not be any trafficking …