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Last year, I did a video regarding As many of you might remember, we talked about the fact that here in Arizona, law enforcement was trying to clean up the valley and ensure that we sent out a message that there would not be any trafficking of children on any of these websites. I talked to you a little bit about what law enforcement was doing and how they were going through extraordinary lengths in order to catch some of the individuals that they thought might be trafficking children. Unfortunately, some of you may not be watching my videos and unfortunately are still getting caught up on the Backpage sting operation.

Just because the Superbowl has ended here in the valley, law enforcement still has a presence on They have extended their net to individuals who are also just looking for prostitutes. The sting operations unfortunately will result in charges of prostitution. Charges of prostitution generally carry very significant consequences both collaterally as well as criminally. Individuals who are charged with prostitution are looking at no less than 15 days of jail if convicted.

In addition, there are fines associated with that as well as individuals maybe sent to classes if you are lucky enough in a city that offers a diversion program, you might be able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss your case in exchange for one of those programs. Not all of the cities offer the diversion program and so it’s my advice just to stay off of that website if you are looking for an adult consensual relationship because you never know whether or not you are talking to a decoy officer or an actual adult who is not associated with law enforcement. If you had been caught up into sting operation, please feel free to give me a call. I offer free consultations.

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