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Wrong-way Driver Prevention: What Arizona is Doing to Help

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It’s an all too common headline we’ve seen repeated over the past few years: “Wrong-way Driver Causes Collision on Arizona Freeway.” As of July 13, 2017, DPS reports that their troopers have responded to 928 calls regarding wrong-way drivers this year alone[1]. Of these calls, 14 have resulted in injuries and 7 in fatalities. Ultimately, 48 of these drivers were …

Fourth July dog dui castillo law


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July 4th is a day to celebrate our country’s freedom. Many choose to celebrate the holiday by cooling off at the lake, gathering with family and friends at backyard BBQs, or by taking a vacation to beat the heat. Given the abundance of alcohol at these events, it is especially important to drink responsibly and find a designated driver, as …

Temps Up, Crime Goes Up. Plan Summers Out.

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With school out for summer break, kids are prone to getting into more trouble with the law for a variety of issues including drugs, alcohol, and more. Less supervision and more free time allow kids to make poor decisions. Castillo Law would like to highlight some of the ways you can keep your teen from getting into trouble during their …

Honor the Fallen

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Although the Memorial Day holiday weekend is a great opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, please remember the true meaning of this special day. On this day, we remember and celebrate, and most importantly, we express our thanks as Americans to the countless number of men and women who have served in our military since the inception …

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House Bill 2066, as of the date of this blog, looks destined to soon become a law governing Aggravated DUI penalties. As written, this Bill could create some very unexpected and expensive consequences, while offering no real benefit to the community or to the Defendants, most of whom are in need of counseling not expensive incarceration. (Full Legislative history of …

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Cinco de Mayo Phoenix AZ 2017

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For our amigos and amigas who are going to fiesta on cervezas and margaritas this Cinco de Mayo, here are a few tips to celebrate safely and legally! The Cinco de Mayo holiday is one of the leading holidays for DUI arrests in Arizona. Police will be in full force around the holiday so don’t allow yourselves to throw caution …

How to Avoid Criminal Charges at the Final Four

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Final Four Madhouse Hits the Valley This Weekend! The moment we’ve all been waiting for starts this weekend: The NCAA Final Four. Already, we’ve seen road blocks and structures pop up throughout downtown and in Glendale, making it harder to navigate through our busy city streets. Things are only going to get busier as thousands flood downtown and to Glendale, not only …

The FBI’s Controversial Investigation Tactics for Internet Sex Crimes Calls for Change in Law

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Last week, a dismissal of a highly controversial Federal District Court case involving child pornography out of Tacoma, Washington heightened debates over whether the need exists to modernize the Fourth Amendment’s language in order to better address our ever changing technological era. United States v. Jay Michaud arose from an investigation by the FBI into website, Playpen.com, a site that …

The Use of Personal Drones and The Change in Arizona Law

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Change in Arizona Law to Include the Use of Personal Drones and the Requirement to Register You or someone you know has most likely received a drone as a gift or purchased one for recreational use. They seem to be everywhere, in both conversation and day-to-day life. Amazon is using them to deliver packages. We’re giving them to our children …