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Cinco de Mayo Phoenix AZ 2017

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For our amigos and amigas who are going to fiesta on cervezas and margaritas this Cinco de Mayo, here are a few tips to celebrate safely and legally! The Cinco de Mayo holiday is one of the leading holidays for DUI arrests in Arizona. Police will be in full force around the holiday so don’t allow yourselves to throw caution …

How to Avoid Criminal Charges at the Final Four

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Final Four Madhouse Hits the Valley This Weekend! The moment we’ve all been waiting for starts this weekend: The NCAA Final Four. Already, we’ve seen road blocks and structures pop up throughout downtown and in Glendale, making it harder to navigate through our busy city streets. Things are only going to get busier as thousands flood downtown and to Glendale, not only …

The FBI’s Controversial Investigation Tactics for Internet Sex Crimes Calls for Change in Law

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Last week, a dismissal of a highly controversial Federal District Court case involving child pornography out of Tacoma, Washington heightened debates over whether the need exists to modernize the Fourth Amendment’s language in order to better address our ever changing technological era. United States v. Jay Michaud arose from an investigation by the FBI into website, Playpen.com, a site that …

The Use of Personal Drones and The Change in Arizona Law

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Change in Arizona Law to Include the Use of Personal Drones and the Requirement to Register You or someone you know has most likely received a drone as a gift or purchased one for recreational use. They seem to be everywhere, in both conversation and day-to-day life. Amazon is using them to deliver packages. We’re giving them to our children …

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Spring Training: Don’t Get “Scalped” By the Law for Selling Your Extra Tickets

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Ticket scalping is the resale of tickets for an event. Generally,  it applies to sporting events, especially ones in high demand. Every spring, thousands flock to Maricopa County for Major League Baseball Spring Training games. These games may not count for anything in the MLB standings, but the revenue they bring to the teams and Valley businesses is enormous. Millions …

Romeo Juliet Defense Castillo Law Phoenix AZ


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The lawyers in our firm are frequently asked the following questions by parents of Arizona teens: Will my son or daughter get arrested for having consensual sex with their teenage boyfriend or girlfriend? If they do, what kind of trouble are they in? Will they go to prison? How can you defend them? The answer is yes. They could be …

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What is an aggravated assault in AZ?

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Today we’re going to be talking about aggravated assault charges. Aggravated assaults are very serious here in Arizona. You could potentially looking at going to prison for sometimes up to five to 15 years, even if it’s your first offense, particularly if a deadly weapon is involved. Deadly weapon or a dangerous instrument. That’s going to be a gun, a …

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What is a misdemeanor assault in AZ?

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Misdemeanor Assault in AZ Video Misdemeanor Assault Video Transcript Today we’re going to be talking about misdemeanor assaults. Now a misdemeanor assault occurs when one, you intentionally or knowingly cause physical injury to another person. That could be any physical injury. That could be a scrape on your hand, or it could be a bruise on your face. Whatever it …

Backpage Down Karl Ferrer and Kamala Harris what it means for criminal defense

Adult Classifieds Down On Backpage: Individuals Could Still Fall Prey to Sting Operations on Other Websites

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Breaking News: On Monday, Backpage.com shut down their adult only classified pages on their site, due to government pressure for allegedly facilitating and encouraging sex trafficking. Carl Ferrer, Backpage CEO, just recently won his battle with California attorney, Kamala Harris, in which Harris accused him of profiting from the illegal portions of his site that often involved pimping, child prostitution, …

2017 Internet Crimes Lead to Criminal Charges

Internet Crime: How Some Sites and Apps Can Result in Criminal Charges

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If you’ve ever tried to go without technology for an extended period of time, you know how integral it has become in all aspects of our lives. From picking out restaurants, googling pressing questions, to catching up with long lost friends, social media and various apps help make life so much easier. With all of that ease and luxury, it’s …