Sex Offender Probation AZ - How ineffective therapy hinders rehabilitation

Sex Offender Probation Part 3 – A Castillo Law Series

Cindy Castillo Sex Crime, Arizona Law

In our Sex Offender Probation Series (Part One, Part Two), we’ve talked about the flaws in sex offender probation and what makes sex offender probation unfair. We’ve highlighted the problems that sex offender probation provides to everyone involved in the rehabilitation process, the inherent flaws in polygraphs, and now we will outline what’s wrong with the therapy required of probationers …

Sex Offender Probation and Polygraph Testing

Sex Offender Probation – Part 2

Cindy Castillo Sex Crime, Arizona Law

Understanding Arizona Probation with Sex Terms As we outlined in the first part of our series, sex offender probation needs to be revamped, as it is inherently unfair. While Castillo Law agrees that probation is an important and crucial part of reintroducing those accused of sex crimes into the community, there needs to be more consideration towards the negative impact …