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The holidays traditionally are a time of peace and joy, but often result in stress, over-shopping, and overindulgence.  Unfortunately, the number of shoplifting and alcohol related crimes tend to increase during this time of year too. Some of us fall to the pressure of obtaining gifts we cannot afford and resort to shoplifting. Other simply make errors in judgement due …

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July 4th is a day to celebrate our country’s freedom. Many choose to celebrate the holiday by cooling off at the lake, gathering with family and friends at backyard BBQs, or by taking a vacation to beat the heat. Given the abundance of alcohol at these events, it is especially important to drink responsibly and find a designated driver, as …

Beware the AZ DUI Task Force

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This blog is entitled Beware of the AZ DUI Task Force and this is why. This is a really, really big month for us here in the valley. We’ve got the Waste Management coming up this weekend. We also have obviously the Super Bowl so everybody’s out at Super Bowl parties, out at the bars, having a good time, and …

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How Prescription Drug Use Can Lead to a DUI: What You Need to Know

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Many individuals who are of drinking age, and even some who are not, have likely taken precautions to avoid a DUI. These precautions can include designating a responsible and sober driver, using a ridesharing app like Uber or Lyft, or choosing to imbibe at home. With all these precautions focusing on alcohol, have you ever thought that your prescribed medication …

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Drivers Beware: Failure to Remain Silent Could Result in False Reporting Charges

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Right to remain silent: Use It! Drivers Beware: Here is yet another reason why you should only provide your driver’s license, registration, and insurance, and nothing more. If you are stopped by an officer conducting a traffic stop and you have been drinking, do not make any statements. Your words will be used against you. An East Valley prosecuting agency …