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Fourth July dog dui castillo lawJuly 4th is a day to celebrate our country’s freedom. Many choose to celebrate the holiday by cooling off at the lake, gathering with family and friends at backyard BBQs, or by taking a vacation to beat the heat. Given the abundance of alcohol at these events, it is especially important to drink responsibly and find a designated driver, as highway patrols are increased significantly to catch impaired drivers during holiday weekends. This past Memorial Day, over 550 DUIs were cited, 119 of which were extreme DUIs (BAC of 0.15 -0.19). Officers set up checkpoints throughout Arizona, on popular roads near lakes, firework venues, etc., and are looking for speeding, unsafe lane changes, failure to maintain lane, and any type of erratic driving behavior that can possibly give them a reason to pull over a driver.
Other common citations given out during 4th of July weekend include:
​OUI- Boating DUI
​Indecent Exposure
​Alcohol Use or Possession by Minors
​Drug Possession
​Open Containers
​Disorderly Conduct

These citations are easy to avoid by planning ahead. Designate a boat captain, find legal forms of entertainment and have a sober buddy who will let you know when you are getting out of control or doing things you simply should not do.


We also recommend that you review your city’s ordinance(s) relating to firework usage if you plan to light up this 4th of July. Your city may only allow certain types of fireworks and may also regulate the dates in which you can use them. City of Phoenix has outlined their permissive and prohibited fireworks here. (
As always, please supervise your children around water and fireworks to ensure a safe and happy 4th this year!
If you or anyone else you know is cited this 4th of July weekend, please call Castillo Law for a free consultation. We are available 24/7 to take your call at (602) 795-6701 or (480) 206-5204.