Beware the AZ DUI Task Force

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This blog is entitled Beware of the AZ DUI Task Force and this is why. This is a really, really big month for us here in the valley. We’ve got the Waste Management coming up this weekend. We also have obviously the Super Bowl so everybody’s out at Super Bowl parties, out at the bars, having a good time, and then plus we’ve got the Final Four coming up pretty soon. Obviously as fun as that is for all of us and as great as it is for our economy, it’s also good for somebody else’s economy. It’s good for the police because the police have these things called DUI Task Force.

An AZ DUI Task Force is pretty much a whole bunch of police agencies all get together and they work together and they decide what area they’re going to be patrolling and then basically they go and they try to pull people over for DUI and then prosecute them for it. They get federal grant money for this so that is their main goal is to pull people over. Maybe even people that they wouldn’t ordinarily be pulling over so you have to be extra careful while you’re out there. Here’s a list of things that could help you out to stop you from being pulled over and prosecuted for a DUI.

First of all, guys, there’s a lot of alternatives after you’ve had all these alcohol drinks, you know, while at you’re at the Waste Management, while you’re at the Super Bowl party having fun.

Take a Lyft, Uber. Go old school, get a taxi, anything you need to do. Get a designated driver, but do your best to not drive, but let’s say that you in this situation and as a general rule, fellas, if you’ve had more than three drinks, don’t drive. Ladies, if you’ve had more than two drinks, don’t drive. Body weight and what not can factor into that, but guys, for this particular month when we have these AZ DUI Task Force, don’t take the chance, okay? Take one of these alternatives.

Now, if you are in the situation you do have to drive, here’s a list of things that’s going to help you out.

Make sure you don’t have any equipment violations. Equipment violations meaning that your tags aren’t expired, that you don’t have any cracks in your windshield. Here’s a big one, headlights. Make sure that they’re on. A lot of times you’re going to go in during the day and you might think that your headlights are on. You give it a valet, they turn your headlights off. Maybe somebody else drove your car in that morning. That’s a big thing that the police are looking for.

All right, so, if you do get pulled over, make sure that you have your driver’s license, your registration and your insurance readily available. The police are going to ask you for that information. Do not have it in your hand. Wait for them to actually ask for it so you can provide it. That will show while you’re answering questions that you’re able to divide your attention. That’s something that they’re looking for.

You’re going to tell the police because they’re going to ask you to step out of the vehicle. You’re going to be polite, you’re going to tell them, “Officer, I want to speak to an attorney.” You could go ahead and you could call us. We have a 24-hour service that you call us at 480-206-5204. Someone will be there to answer your questions. Tell them that you’re not going to do any of the field sobriety tests I call to call the Roadside Olympics. You don’t need to do any of that stuff. That’s tough to complete sober. Don’t even do that. You’re going to refuse to do a portable breath test. Unfortunately, you are probably going to be arrested so you’re going to invoke your right to remain silent. You’re not going to answer any questions about your drinking history. You’re going to say, “I want to call my attorney.”

They are going to take you probably to AZ DUI Task Force which is a place where they have a whole bunch of vans set up so they can process people quickly. If you keep asking to speak to an attorney, they will let you speak with one. At least they should. If they don’t, that’s a good thing for us eventually.

Now you go ahead and you call us. You ask for a private phone call and we will explain to you what your options are. We’re going to ask you some specific questions to decide if you should submit to their breath and/or blood tests, okay? Don’t just go ahead and agree to that. You need to talk to an attorney first so you can make an educated decision. After that if we tell you to go ahead and take the test, you’re going to be very agreeable. You’re going to do your best and be polite and let them do what they need to do.

Then after that you are going to end up being either released or they theoretically could even book you into custody. Make sure and we’re going to remind you of this when we’re talking to you on the phone that to ask to be released to get your own independent test, one that could make it so you could go and get independent evidence that could help out your case. Also it should probably get you released immediately. Remember once you’re out, if you want to call us we’ll set an appointment to have you come in and hopefully we could help you out.

This is going to be a really, really great week for the valley like I said. It’s going to bring in a lot of money for our economy. We all want you to have a great time and avoid getting in any trouble and beware of those AZ DUI Task Force.

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