Backpage Down Karl Ferrer and Kamala Harris what it means for criminal defense

Adult Classifieds Down On Backpage: Individuals Could Still Fall Prey to Sting Operations on Other Websites

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Breaking News: On Monday, shut down their adult only classified pages on their site, due to government pressure for allegedly facilitating and encouraging sex trafficking. Carl Ferrer, Backpage CEO, just recently won his battle with California attorney, Kamala Harris, in which Harris accused him of profiting from the illegal portions of his site that often involved pimping, child prostitution, …

2017 Internet Crimes Lead to Criminal Charges

Internet Crime: How Some Sites and Apps Can Result in Criminal Charges

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If you’ve ever tried to go without technology for an extended period of time, you know how integral it has become in all aspects of our lives. From picking out restaurants, googling pressing questions, to catching up with long lost friends, social media and various apps help make life so much easier. With all of that ease and luxury, it’s …

why hasnt my case been charged castillo law

Why hasn’t my case been charged?

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Today we’re here to talk to you about why your case isn’t get charged if it’s been some time. On television, when someone gets arrested, people immediately think that the charges are going to start happening right off the bat. But in the real world, the way that it works is after a police officer arrests somebody, they have to …

Beware the AZ DUI Task Force

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This blog is entitled Beware of the AZ DUI Task Force and this is why. This is a really, really big month for us here in the valley. We’ve got the Waste Management coming up this weekend. We also have obviously the Super Bowl so everybody’s out at Super Bowl parties, out at the bars, having a good time, and …

2017 backpage sting phoenix az castillo law sex crime defense lawyer


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Last month, California attorney, Kamala Harris, swung hard at CEO, Carl Ferrer, as she tried to charge him with nine counts of pimping, five of which cases she alleged involved minors. Her efforts to put Ferrer behind bars consisted of accusing Ferrer of profiting off of illegal activity found on his sites, primarily prostitution and sexual exploitation. This court …

New Year's Weekend DUI's

New Year’s Eve Weekend DUI’s: Plan Ahead to Avoid a DUI

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New Year’s Eve Weekend DUI’s make this one of Castillo Law’s least favorite holidays. It’s a time for getting rid of the bad and welcoming the endless possibilities of the new year. For our clients, it means the possibility for rehabilitation and the ability to turn over a new leaf and lead a positive lifestyle. With that being said, we …

shoplifting charges castillo law

Avoiding Shoplifting Charges over the Holidays

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The holidays are a time to show the special people in our lives how much we care about them. While we’re busy toiling away as Santa’s little helpers, let us not forget that with the impending family dinners, outings and holiday parties, this can also be a time burdened with a lot of stress. This stress can turn into criminal charges, …

prescription drug dui phoenix az castillo law

How Prescription Drug Use Can Lead to a DUI: What You Need to Know

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Many individuals who are of drinking age, and even some who are not, have likely taken precautions to avoid a DUI. These precautions can include designating a responsible and sober driver, using a ridesharing app like Uber or Lyft, or choosing to imbibe at home. With all these precautions focusing on alcohol, have you ever thought that your prescribed medication …

Veterans Courts Arizona 2016

Update: Veteran’s Courts in Arizona

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With Veterans Day coming up, we would like to take this time to congratulate the different municipalities in the valley that have recently begun offering veterans courts for veterans who are facing misdemeanor criminal charges. We’ve talked about veterans courts in our past blogs. We’ve outlined how veterans courts are popping up nationwide, and the benefits they provide to our …

Sex Offender Probation AZ - How ineffective therapy hinders rehabilitation

Sex Offender Probation Part 3 – A Castillo Law Series

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In our Sex Offender Probation Series (Part One, Part Two), we’ve talked about the flaws in sex offender probation and what makes sex offender probation unfair. We’ve highlighted the problems that sex offender probation provides to everyone involved in the rehabilitation process, the inherent flaws in polygraphs, and now we will outline what’s wrong with the therapy required of probationers …