Will Arizona See More Sex Trafficking due to the Super bowl?

Will Arizona See More Sex Trafficking Due to the Super Bowl?

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Rumors of increased sex trafficking during the Super Bowl swarm the field well before the players on game day. According to popular belief, the Super Bowl is notorious for being a target spot for sex trafficking and prostitution. In a key press release in 2013, Texas Attorney General, Gregg Abbott, said, “The Super Bowl is the single largest human trafficking …

Is Arizona Too Tough on Sex Crimes?

Is Arizona Too Tough on Sex Crimes?

Cindy Castillo Sex Crime, Arizona Law

A Response to the Growing Suspicion of Unfair Penalties Given to Sex Offenders In a recent article written on Slate.com, Matt Mellema talked about the unforeseeable consequences of being tough on sex crimes. Arizona is among the toughest on sex crimes and people face very serious penalties if they are found guilty of these offenses. The marking of a, “sex …

AZ Backpage.com Sex Sting Operations Child Prostitution Bait and Switch Lawyer Defense

AZ Republic Article on Backpage.com Sex Sting Arrests

Cindy Castillo Sex Crime, Backpage.com Sex Stings

An Arizona Republic article discussing the same issue we have posted about a few times here: Phoenix area police operating sex sting operations on Backpage.com resulting in child prostitution arrests that appear very “bait and switch”. At Castillo Law we have worked to defend a number of these cases and the details in this article spell out the challenges we …

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Video Blog: Backpage.com and Sex Stings in AZ

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Start transcription for Backpage.com sex stings in AZ Hi, my name is Cindy Castillo, with Castillo Law. Today I’d like to talk to you about Backpage.com ads. The State of Arizona is preparing for the Super Bowl in 2015. In an effort to clean-up our state, the State of Arizona and law-enforcement officers has said, “We are not going to …

Backpage Consumers Beware: Police are regularly conducting Backpage Stings

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Update Feb 2017: Backpage.com shut down their adult only classified pages on their site, due to government pressure for allegedly facilitating and encouraging sex trafficking. There is still a potential that police are running similar stings on other websites. Read more here. As the 2015 Super Bowl nears, Phoenix and its surrounding valley cities are being swept by police sex …