State v. Mr. M. (2020) Practice Area: Criminal Law / Criminal Speeding Charges

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Practice Area: Criminal Law / Criminal Speeding Charges
Date: January 2, 2020
Outcome: DISMISSAL of one of two cases
Description: West McDowell Justice Court and Encanto Justice Court, State v. Mr. M.
Mr. M. was facing two criminal speeding charges from two separate courts from two different dates of offenses. Castillo Law negotiated with the prosecutor to dismiss all charges arising from the Encanto Justice Court case in exchange for Mr. M pleading to the charge out of West McDowell Justice Court paying only a $500 fine.
Consequently, Mr. M only ended up with one criminal speeding misdemeanor, one fine, and three points against his driving privileges, instead of two separate criminal speeding misdemeanors with two separate fines and six points against his driving privileges.
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