Castillo Law Speeding Charges Phoenix AZ 2017

Operation: No Need For Speed

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Castillo Law Speeding Charges Phoenix AZ 2017
Operation No Need For Speed is in full force and effect, so be sure to slow down. This is
a 30-day operation conducted by Department of Public Safety on the Loop 101, 202, and 303, in
an attempt to get drivers to slow down. Over the past few weeks, many terrible accidents have
occurred on our highways, and they all share the same factor: speed.

Zero-tolerance policy for Speeding

According to Colonel Frank Milstead, the Director of DPS, they will be shifting their
troopers between these highways on a rotation. He also explained DPS will have “tan days”
where “administrative people” will put on uniforms and patrol the highways as well. They will
be in unmarked cars and enforcing a zero-tolerance policy. If they pull you over, you will get a
ticket! Colonel Milstead has mandated that citations be given out for speeding. He is looking for
compliance and people to slow down, “I’m not asking a lot, I’m just asking you to dial it back to
75 or 73, to just keep it in the normal range.”

Safety Corridors in Effect

For those of you traveling on other freeways, remember to be aware of the recently
implemented “Safety Corridors.” Safety corridors have a zero-tolerance policy as well, even
going 1 MPH over the speed limit can get you a ticket. The safety corridors cover the following
stretches of highway: I-10 from the I-17 “Stack” to SR 51 “Mini Stack” (milepost 143-147); I-10
from Loop 202 San Tan to SR 387 (milepost 162-185); US60 from Loop 101 Price to Loop 202
(milepost 177-190); and along I-40 from US 93 to US 93 (milepost 49-72).

These aggressive driving campaigns have been implemented due to the increasing
number of accidents in these areas. AZ DPS is hoping to slow traffic down and correct the
aggressive driving that is happening throughout Arizona.

Castillo law wishes everyone a safe and crime free holiday season. As always, should you
find yourself faced with criminal charges, we are available 24/7 at 480-206- 5204.