Sex Crime Probation Modification Granted 2016

Cindy Castillo Sex Crimes, Probation Violation, Case Successes

State v. Mr. B (2016)
Practice Area: Criminal Law/ Sex Crimes/ Attempted Sexual Assault/ Probation Modification
Date: November 4, 2016
Outcome: Modification of Probation as requested by Mr. B.
Description: Maricopa County Superior Court: Mr. B. had pled guilty in January 2011 to two Counts of Attempted Sexual Assault, both Class 3 Felonies. He was placed on lifetime probation. As part of his probation Mr. B. was only allowed to see his 11-year-old son who lived in another State with the permission and supervision of the probation department. Mr. B.’s offenses had nothing to do in any way with his son, but he still had these strict restrictions. This was creating both a heavy financial burden on Mr. B. and the mother of his son, and creating a strain on Mr. B.’s relationship with his son. Ms. Castillo drafted and filed a Motion to Modify Mr. B.’s probation which persuaded the Court to modify his probation so he can now travel to his son’s State without needing Court or probation office permission, and more importantly he can now visit and have a relationship with his son without Court or probation department approved supervision.