What does Dangerous Crime Against Children (DCAC) mean?

Dangerous crime against children (DCAC) means any of the following that is committed against a minor who is under fifteen years of age:

  1. Second degree murder.
  2. Aggravated assault resulting in serious physical injury or involving the discharge, use or threatening exhibition of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument.
  3. Sexual assault.
  4. Molestation of a child.
  5. Sexual conduct with a minor.
  6. Commercial sexual exploitation of a minor.
  7. Sexual exploitation of a minor.
  8. Child abuse as prescribed in section 13-3623, subsection A, paragraph 1.
  9. Kidnapping.
  10. Sexual abuse.
  11. Taking a child for the purpose of prostitution as prescribed in section 13-3206.
  12. Child prostitution as prescribed in section 13-3212.
  13. Involving or using minors in drug offenses.
  14. Continuous sexual abuse of a child.
  15. Attempted first degree murder.
  16. Sex trafficking.
  17. Manufacturing methamphetamine under circumstances that cause physical injury to a minor.
  18. Bestiality as prescribed in section 13-1411, subsection A, paragraph 2.
  19. Luring a minor for sexual exploitation.
  20. Aggravated luring a minor for sexual exploitation.
  21. Unlawful age misrepresentation.