Here are some important questions you should ask when interviewing criminal defense attorneys for your criminal case in Arizona. Cindy Castillo’s answers are provided in quotes on this page. If you want to print the questions for when you meet with other criminal defense attorneys, click here: Questions to ask when shopping for a criminal defense attorney in Arizona – Castillo Law:

  1. Does the law firm offer one flat fee, or is there a pretrial fee and a trial fee?

    A: I offer you experienced and qualified representation for a competitive flat fee, and a competitive trial fee, if you choose to go to trial.

  2. How much will it cost to go to trial if you are not satisfied with the negotiated plea offer?

    A: I offer a competitive trial fee, which will be discussed prior to trial and is determined on a case by case basis.

  3. What is included in the pretrial fee?

    A: My flat fee arrangement allows me to investigate your case fully, conduct discovery and interviews, and file pretrial motions.

  4. Does the attorney accept payment plans?

    A: I offer a competitive flat fee, and the entire flat fee can be paid over the course of the pretrial period with negotiated payment plans.

  5. Is there a built in incentive for the attorney to sell you a trial?

    A: There is no incentive to sell you a trial or attempt to make you accept a plea. The decision to go to trial is made by you and you alone.

  6. If you are going to a law firm where the firm includes multiple attorneys, what attorney will be representing you?

    A: While my schedule may not always allow me to appear for every court date, I will be the attorney representing you when it matters most.

  7. Will you get to meet or pick the attorney that will represent you before you decide to hire the law firm?

    A: Yes. Because I believe relationships are important, I firmly believe that you should meet the attorney that is going to actually represent you before you choose to hire the attorney. It is important that you not only choose a knowledgeable and qualified attorney to represent you, but it is also important that you choose an attorney that you can trust and has your best interest in mind.

  8. How many jury trials has that attorney tried?

    A: I have handled over 100 trials of which I have tried to a jury over 85.

  9. How many years has the actual attorney that will represent you been practicing?

    A: I have been practicing since 2004 and have handled upwards of 1,000 criminal cases on my own. I have tried over 85 cases to a jury. I have litigated criminal matters ranging from misdemeanors to complex felony cases throughout Arizona. I have represented clients in juvenile court, misdemeanor and superior courts, federal court, forfeiture proceedings, administrative board hearings, MVD hearings, Rule 11 competency hearings and appellate courts. I have successfully represented numerous professionals governed by licensing authorities and boards that include doctors, dentists, psychologists, chiropractors, nurses, teachers, realtors, airline pilots, commercial truck drivers, as well as professional athletes in criminal matters.