Criminal Appeals Attorney and Petitions for Post-Conviction Relief in Phoenix, AZ

The Constitution of the United States guarantees every criminal defendant the right to a speedy and fair trial. Unfortunately, not every defendant is provided that. This is where a Criminal Appeals Attorney and Petitions for Post-Conviction Relief can help someone out of a bad situation.

Judges and Juries don’t always get it right the first time

Sometimes, there is a legal mistake that happens in trial and the Judge rules against a defendant on a legal issue when he should have found in favor of the defendant. Sometimes, the trial attorney missed some major piece of information, was unprepared, or just did not provide the effective assistant of counsel that the Constitution guarantees. Further issues can occur when the repercussions of taking a plea or not taking a plea, were not adequately explained to a defendant, resulting in an uninformed decision regarding a plea agreement. This list is non-exhaustive, and there are a multitude of different things that could have happened potentially resulting in an unjust punishment of a defendant. These issues are part of the world of appellate work. The goal of this area of law is to point out the error that occurred, and explain why, as a matter of law, the decision needs to be reversed. It is an area of the law that is very detail oriented and full of many intricacies.

Two types of Appeals

At Castillo Law, we have experience doing a wide variety of both Appeals and Petitions for Post-Conviction Relief (Rule 32 petitions). The difference between the two is very important, as only certain legal issues can be raised on direct appeal, while other issues may only be raised in collateral appeal. However, if one is not careful to preserve the issues, the only chance at having a higher court review a decision might be lost. Thus, it is very important to have diligent, dedicated, and thorough attorneys review your case before moving forward with an Appeal of any type.

Not every case should be Appealed but its worth taking a look

At Castillo law, we take the time to go over all possible appellate issues with you, and let you know what the merits of an Appeal or Petition for Post-Conviction Relief could be. Some firms will sell you on an appeal when there is no hope of winning just to get a fee. We will not do that to you. We will always be honest with you and let you know if appealing might be worth your time and money. However, that honestly is not to be construed with passivity. If we see a real potential appellate issue, we will work hard to make the Judge see the error and to reverse it. We will leave no stone unturned to find any way to overturn an unjust determination of guilt or an unjust sentence.

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