Reconnecting with your inmate Castillo Law

Reconnecting with your inmate

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Reconnecting with your inmate Castillo Law

The word on the street is that Maricopa County Inmates have a new way of “Getting Out.”  No, not literally, but figuratively speaking, Maricopa County through a third-party vendor “GTL” has set up tablets for inmates to utilize for purposes of maintaining and re-building relationships with loved ones.  The tablet allows for video visits, messaging, sharing photos, educational opportunities to include getting a GED and learning new life skills, listening to music, movies, and games, managing food accounts, and communicating with the inmate’s facility.  While Getting Out is not available at all detention facilities, it is currently available at the Coconino County Jail District & Detention Facility, Eloy Detention Center, Florence Service Processing Center, Gila County Jail, Maricopa County Jails, Pima County Adult Detention Complex, and Santa Cruz County.

As more jails are moving to non-contact visitation, this added feature allows inmates to maintain some connection to the outside world.    If you would like more information regarding setting up an account for your loved one, go to:

Castillo Law welcomes this new innovative feature for inmates especially during a time when fear and uncertainty is coupled with social distancing.