State v. J.S. (2020) Motion to Set Aside Conviction and Reinstate Gun Rights—Granted 

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State v. J.S. (2020)

Practice Area: Criminal Law/ Set Aside / Restoration of Civil Rights /Restoration of Gun Rights

Date: 03/18/2020

Outcome: Motion to Set Aside Conviction and Reinstate Gun Rights—Granted

Description: Maricopa County Superior Court: JS came to Castillo Law for assistance with setting aside his prior convictions, including Possession of Burglary Tools, a class 6 felony and Taking the Identity of Another, a class 4 felony, in addition to restoring his civil rights and right to bear arms.

Ms. Castillo was able to persuade the Judge to set aside both convictions and to reinstate JS’ civil rights and gun rights.  JS is now able to further his employment opportunities, as well as vote, serve on juries, and possess firearms if desired for home protection.