State v. Mr. R. – Drive By Shooting, Discharge of a Firearm at a Structure – Probation

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State v. Mr. R. (2019) 

Practice Area: Criminal Law / Drive By Shooting / Violent Crimes

Date: November 22, 2019

Outcome: Charges Reduced

Description: Maricopa County, State v. Mr. R.  Mr. R. was charged with one count of Drive By Shooting, a Class 2 Dangerous Felony, one count discharge of a firearm at a structure, a Class 2 Dangerous Felony, one count unlawful discharge of a firearm, a Class 6 Dangerous Felony one count of Disorderly Conduct, a Class 6 Dangerous Felony, and four counts of Endangerment, Class 6 Dangerous Felonies. Mr. R. was accused, among other things, of discharging his weapon into an apartment complex from a vehicle. The State alleged a number of aggravating factors and if convicted at trial, Mr. R. was facing mandatory prison time. Mr. R. was placed into Rule 11 Court to determine his competency. After a long restoration period, the State was able to restore Mr. R to competency.  However, Ms. Castillo was able to convince the prosecutor to offer a no agreements plea which thereafter allowed her to argue to the Court that Mr. R. deserved probation. The Court sentenced Mr. R. to probation with no initial jail time.

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