State v. Ms. M. – Felony Fraud Schemes – Reduced

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State v. Ms. M. (2019) 
Practice Area: Criminal Law / Fraud 
Date: April 19, 2019 
Outcome: False Statement (Unemployment Compensation), a Class 1 Misdemeanor – Fines. Judgment of Guilt Set Aside.
Description: Maricopa County, State v. Ms. M.  Ms. M. was charged with one count of Fraud Schemes, a Class 5 Felony, twenty-one counts of False Statement to Obtain Benefits, Class 6 Felonies, and one count of False Statement to Obtain Benefits, a Class 1 Misdemeanor. Ms. M. was accused of fraudulently concealing her earnings from a separate employment source while collecting unemployment insurance benefits. If convicted at trial Ms. M. was facing mandatory prison time. Ms. Castillo was able to negotiate Ms. M’s case and she was ultimately offered a class 1 misdemeanor plea to False Statement (Unemployment Compensation). Ms. M. was required to pay back the benefits received from unemployment and her judgement of guilt was set aside at the time of Sentencing. 
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