State v. Mr. L. (2019) DUI – Dismissal

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State v. Mr. L. (2019)
Practice Area: Criminal Law / DUI
Date: August 7, 2019
Outcome: Dismissal of all charges
Description: Phoenix City Court, State v. Mr. L. Mr. L. was charged with one count of DUI – Impaired to the Slightest Degree, one count of DUI – Alcohol Concentration of .08 or above, and one count of Extreme DUI – Alcohol Concentration of .15 to .20; all Class 1 misdemeanors. A 911 Call was placed by a concerned citizen who witnessed a male passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle in a parking lot. Mr. L. completed field sobriety tests, was arrested for DUI, and consented to a blood draw. Castillo Law attorneys were prepared to take this matter to trial to argue Mr. L. was not in actual physical control of the vehicle, but the State ultimately filed a Motion to Dismiss, citing no likelihood of conviction.
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