Testimonial from A.M.

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What was your biggest fear before hiring Castillo Law?
Before I hired Cindy. I was afraid I was going to be found guilty of the charges against me and I would have a permanent record that would damage my professional career.

What, specifically, did you appreciate from working with Castillo Law, and why?
Castillo Law provided me personal attention. They never provided false hope. They were honest and they did as much as they could to resolve my issue. I am very lucky to have Cindy and Bill on my side. They were very detailed on my evidence, facts and opposing side.

If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?
Do not waste your time seeking an aggressive attorney that will practice the same Law Cindy and her team did for me. Castillo Law was very patient. They communicated with me at all times. They personally took my calls and answered all my emails. I felt reassured after having them help me with my case.