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Memorial Day

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Castillo law veteran lawyer criminal defense memorial day
Memorial Day is almost here. Many consider it the official start of summer, looking forward to sitting by the pool, floating down the salt river, enjoying a cold drink, or taking a long-needed vacation. However, Memorial Day means so much more. Memorial Day is a time to honor our military men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our country. Memorial Day is for those who served in lonely outposts and distant lands, who left families and loved ones behind, missed important events like births of their children, first birthdays, and graduations, and for those who overcame challenges that many of us would find unimaginable.

In this time of honor and reflection, it is also important to recognize those who are still with us and those who continue to serve our country faithfully. Unfortunately, due to the extreme pressure and dangerous situations many service members endure during their commitment, some of them develop emotional, mental, and physical problems that can result in drug and alcohol use and abuse and run-ins with the criminal justice system. While some courts in Maricopa County have special systems to deal with current and former military members, other courts do not. A list of Veteran Courts throughout Arizona can be found at These Courts approach cases in a therapeutic manner and provide a wide array of resources including counseling and treatment, housing, and vocational services for our Veterans. If you are a veteran, you are not required to participate in Veteran’s Court. However, in many cases, Veteran Courts provide huge benefits to individuals versus having your case tried in a regular court. Thus, should you find yourself in the criminal justice system as a veteran, it is always wise to speak with your attorney as to the cost benefit analysis of going through Veteran’s Court.

At Castillo Law, we understand the current and future issues facing many of our veterans who have run-ins with the law. If you are a veteran and find yourself in need of criminal defense representation or have any questions, please contact us to schedule a meeting. To all, have a safe, happy, and responsible Memorial Day Weekend.