State v. Mr. MC – Felony Disorderly Conduct – Reduced

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State v. Mr. C (2019) 
Practice Area: Criminal Law / Disorderly Conduct / Violent Crimes
Date: April 24, 2019 
Outcome: Disorderly Conduct, a Class 6 Felony – Jail, 9 months.
Description: Maricopa County, State v. Mr. C.  Mr. C was accused of two counts of Disorderly Conduct with a Weapon, Class 6 Felonies and a Domestic Violence offense for threatening family members with a knife.  Mr. C was also charged on a separate date with a dangerous drug violation. Mr. C also had a prior felony conviction and was on probation when these new offenses were committed.  If convicted at trial Mr. C was facing mandatory prison time. After an investigation and a deviation letter was sent to the State by Ms. Castillo, Mr. C was offered a Plea which allowed Mr. C. to do a drug program while serving 9 months of jail time to resolve all cases.
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