State v. BT. (2017) – Motion to Set Aside

Cindy Castillo Case Successes, Set Asides

State v. BT. (2017)

Practice Area: Criminal Law/ Set Aside / Restoration of Civil Rights /Motion to Designate offense a misdemeanor

Date: 12/1/2016

Outcome:   Motion to Set Aside Conviction Granted.

Description: Maricopa County Superior Court: BT came to Castillo Law because, he wanted to have his prior felony conviction for Unlawful Use of Means of Transportation, a class six (6) undesignated felony, designated a misdemeanor, to have the conviction set aside, and to apply for the reinstatement of his civil rights including his right to bear arms. Ms. Castillo was able to persuade the Judge to designate the case a misdemeanor, set aside the conviction, and have all of his civil rights restored. BT is now able to further his employment options and financially support himself and his family as well as vote, serve on juries, and carry firearms for home protection.