2017 cinco de mayo castillo law phoenix az

Cinco de Mayo Phoenix AZ 2017

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2017 cinco de mayo castillo law phoenix az
For our amigos and amigas who are going to fiesta on cervezas and margaritas this Cinco de Mayo, here are a few tips to celebrate safely and legally!

The Cinco de Mayo holiday is one of the leading holidays for DUI arrests in Arizona. Police will be in full force around the holiday so don’t allow yourselves to throw caution to the wind during your fiestas. In other words, enjoy your cervezas and margaritas, but please do it responsibly.

  1. Get a Ride or Designate a Driver

    If you are going to be drinking at your favorite Cinco de Mayo party or cantina, you simply should not drive. Choose a designated driver who has promised not to drink or call a car service like Uber, Lyft or a cab. Following these rules will keep your amigos safe and the pesos in your wallet. DUI penalties and collateral consequences are harsh.

  2. Designate a Boat Capitan for your Boat

    Arizona’s lakes and rivers are also a tempting place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo but OUI laws do not take a holiday. If you’re wearing your favorite sombrero on that party boat make sure you drink responsibly and know your limit. Insist on a designated boat captain who sticks to not drinking so the fiesta does not end on a sour note. It’s going to be hot this year so if you’re on the river, be sure to hydrate with water and not another Corona. Also, rest assured, the police will be waiting for you on the drive home to catch those who partied a little too much and chose not to designate a sober driver.

  3. Be Lovers not Fighters

    All too often, crowds and alcohol can be a recipe for fights and being disorderly. If you are out at a party and see two hombres squaring off, walk away. If your amigo gets a drink spilled on him by accident and he’s ready to throw down, get him out of there! The last thing that you want is to spend your Cinco de Mayo at the police station after being arrested. Even if your instincts tell you to break up the fight or help out your amigo, don’t be tempted. You are not required to do anything if there is a fight and it likely will land you in trouble with the law too. Remember, this is supposed to be a day of celebration. Better to turn that hot blooded passion toward your señor or señorita and have fun. Salud!

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