State v. Ms. ES (2016)

Cindy Castillo Shoplifting, Case Successes

State v. Ms. ES (2016)

Practice Area: Criminal Law/ Shoplifting

Date: 08/15/2016

Description: Phoenix Municipal Court: ES was alleged to have committed Shoplifting, after a day at the mall with her friends. If found guilty, ES would have been required to have a criminal charge on her record, and she would have been prevented from applying to colleges (as she was doing at the time) and from securing a good job in the future. Prior to the arraignment, Mr. Cronin was able to secure a diversion plea offer. Meaning, ES had to complete a Shoplifting Class and the State would dismiss her case prior to her arraignment. This prevented ES from having a Shoplifting charge on her record, and prevented the shoplifting charge from showing up as ever being filed.

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