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Cindy Castillo Testimonials

Review: Cindy and Bill are excellent, prompt and offers professional services. We won 2 cases because of the Castillo Law Team! Bill Came to my husband’s rescue in the middle of the night at his initial court date to try and save Anthony from any jail tme to be imposed. My husband was facing prison time due to a violation of probation and a misdemeanor charge.The first charge needed to away in order for my husband not to go to prison on the violation. Castillo Law Firm worked so hard and researched every possible avenue day & night and was able to get the misdemeanor charge dismissed. The violation of probation charge was dismissed finally, and hours later my husband came home. Castillo Law Firm is extremely fair priced, worked with us and NEVER put their money we owed for fees before getting my husband home. All Cindy cared about was me and my husband winning. And she was always available to answer my questions or concerns about the cases. Cindy Castillo is the best law firm all the way around. My husband and I trusted them with our life and would do it again, if needed. Cindy Castillo is very trustworthy.
Rating: 5 out of 5

March 12, 2016