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Aggravated Assault Acquittal (2016)

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State v. Mr. RF. (2016)

Practice Area: Criminal Law / Aggravated Assault

Date: February 5, 2016

Outcome: Acquittal on Felony guilty on lesser included misdemeanor assault

Description: Assault Crime Cases (Pinal County Superior Court):  RF. was alleged to have committed aggravated assault against another by using a deadly weapon (hammer) while on felony release for another offense.  If found guilty, RF was facing no less than 7 years of prison.  RF maintained his innocence and at trial Ms. Castillo argued self-defense in addition to arguing that the manner in which the offense was committed was not dangerous.  While the jury did not convict on the aggravated assault believing that the offense was not dangerous, the jury only found that a misdemeanor assault had been committed.

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