Cindy Castillo Testimonials

I was looking at a maximum sentence of 54 years flat time in the DOC “Department Of Corrections” and a minimum sentence of 26 years. Due to the plea bargain system i was offered 13 -20 year deal from day one. At this point I was incarcerated with no bond and was “NOT” represented by the Castillo Law firm.

I hired another law firm and they received 25k cash up front and gave high hopes of superior representation. I was tossed around 2 attornies, one leaving the law firm. After 12 months of representation, and a complete let down of an attorney I was almost manipulated into the 13-20 year deal in threats of prosecution, a settlement judge, and my own representation. On the day of my decision to either face 54 years in trial, or sign. I announced “let go to trial” in open court. With a distraught attorney he fired himself on the spot in open court. At that point the generous judge provided me with a continuance, and as the story unfolds and the support of my loving family, and great research in finding another attorney.

Like a super-hero, Cindy Castillo, and her team swept into my life to take on my case with extreme precision. Cindy, and her team found the holes in my case, conflicts of interest, and brought to light the” reality” of the case. They made me feel safe, secure, and like I was family. I felt like for once in these 14 months someone finally cared not only for me but also for my life, my future, my family, and my children’s well being and their futures as well. As the story and case come to an end after hundreds of hours, and many long nights. The Castillo Law office presented me with what at first seemed like a fairy tale, a “probationary” plea bargain deal. A rejuvenating sensation coursed through my body as i felt for the first time in 18 months that i would get to be a Daddy, a son, a brother, a friends again. This feeling words can do no justice, but I can ensure you that in 6 months of my 20 month stay in Pinal County jail Cindy’s team set me free due to the experience, focus, love, and commitment on my case for my future!

I owe Cindy and her law firm for my freedom. Which is priceless, but I plan to spend the rest of my life living for the Castillo Law firm. Showing the world that I was worth the fight, focus, and time. I know that many of you are reading this looking for representation, and an attorney that will give their all. I vow to you that the Castillo Law office will do everything in their power to provide you with the best possible outcome in your case, they never stop fighting, they never stop working, and to this day I am still in communication with Cindy, and they never stop “CARING”. Thank you Cindy and Castillo law office you saved my life and I am forever in debt to you!

Love always