DUI from JR

Cindy Castillo Testimonials


I just want to thank Cindy Castillo and her law firm, I hired their service to help me with a DUI last year 2014. Cindy and her staff were very helpful and made this process easier, they were always available to answer any question and guided me on what I needed to do. Cindy or Bill were always there at court supporting me, the process took a long time due to court system, but at the end my case went to trial, were Cindy and the expert did an AWESOME job looking out for me, even the state told her, she did a good job and that he didn’t know what to expect. Although the results were not the best, but not because of her, it was the jury who found me guilty. Although the results were not what I wanted, she helped me a lot and handle my case with dedication and professionalism and helped for me to get the minimum sentence.
Thank you Cindy and Firm