Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon Reduced to Probation (2015)

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State v. RM (2015) 

Practice Area: Criminal Law / Aggravated Assault / Violent Crimes / Discharging Weapon at a Structure / Endangerment

Date: May 26, 2015

Outcome: Aggravated Assault

Description: Description: RM and co-defendant were charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault, discharging a weapon at a structure, and endangerment after the State alleged that RM and co-defendant drove by a house and shot into a house where there were multiple individuals including a child. RM was given a no-agreements offer after it was shown that some of the victims were members of a gang and had shot toward the defendants. The State asked for five years of prison. RM was given time served with deferred jail time and intensive probation. RM was exposed to prison time after trial if unsuccessful as a result of the alleged use of a weapon, multiple victims, and possible allegation that this was an offense against a victim under 15.

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