How to Talk to Friends or Family in Custody

Cindy Castillo FAQs

  • Inmates are not allowed to receive incoming telephone calls. They can make personal outgoing calls, which are recorded phone calls among family and friends, or legal outgoing calls, which are non-recorded phone calls with legal counsel. Do not discuss your loved one’s case over the phone. Do not allow your loved one to become negative about the process, suggest unremorseful feelings for the victim or action, or discuss complex matters if they are claiming themselves not competent. Jail calls are frequently monitored.
  • Telephones are available to inmates from approximately 7:30 am- 10:00 pm.
  • The maximum allowable call length for personal outgoing calls is 15 minutes for local calls and 20 minutes for long distance.
  • There will be no three way call attempts, and if you try to have a three way call, the phone will be disconnected.
  • Inmates can place collect calls to numbers that have been set-up in the system when the call is accepted and paid by the receiving party. Unless an AdvancePay account is established, inmates cannot place collect calls to cell phone numbers.
  • To establish a AdvancePay account for cell phone numbers, your family or friends can go online or call GTL to create a pre-paid telephone account, add funds, or check balances. Family and Friends can call on 1-800-483-8314, or at
  • If you are a friend or family member that does not want to receive a call from an inmate, you can block their number. When the inmate calls you, you can block calls by pressing 7–6 when prompted by the recording.