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3rd Probation Violation- Probation Reinstated (2015)

Cindy Castillo Probation Violation, Case Successes

State v. AM 

Practice Area: Criminal Law

Charges: Probation Violation (3rd violation)

Date: October 20, 2015

Outcome: Reinstated to Intensive Probation with 10 days Jail

Description: Client, AM, was on probation for Aggravated DUI.  After several violations of DUI Court Orders and 2 previous probation violations, AM violated probation again.  The probation department recommended that AM’s probation be revoked and he be sent to prison for the presumptive term.  Through negotiations and preparation and filing of a Disposition Memorandum, AM was reinstated to probation and given 10 days in jail.  Further, AM was permitted to apply for Interstate Compact, which would allow him to transfer his probation to his home state where he would be could more successful with compliance.

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