SC about Bail Reduction and Plea Agreement

Cindy Castillo Testimonials

On march 11th my girlfriend was 6 months pregnant. I was on my way to meet up with her at the doctors to find out whether we were having a boy or girl. On my way I stopped by my previous place of work to get my last check. When I arrived and started walking to the front door I was surrounded by cops, dumbfounded and confused I complied. It turned out to be a mistake I made a couple years earlier coming back to haunt me. I was arrested and held for a month in a different state before extradited back to Arizona. My bail was set at $100,000 dollars. I was told by numerous legal workers as well as defense attorneys that a bail modification would make no difference and that there was no way I would get out of jail. The legal system turned their back on me with no regards to who I was and what difficulties they were placing on good people (my family). No one was willing to help us in any way including my public defender who spent more time sneering at me then assisting me.

A family friend and private detective put us in touch with Cindy Castillo around the beginning of July. Cindy immediately agreed to help us. We signed her on shortly after. She even agreed to work out payment options for us since we’re not a very financially set family. She was an absolute godsend. Not only did she manage to get my bail changed and get me out of jail.
She worked out a much better plea agreement for me then I ever thought would be possible.

I went from looking at over 60 years in prison, my whole life gone like that, to looking at 2.5 years presumptive and ultimately only got 5 years of probation with it written into my plea allowing me return home asap and for contact with my daughter to not be limited or restricted in any way. My crimes were of a sexual nature which is why those are such big things to get in a plea.

Cindy not only treated me with loads of kindness and professionalism she treated my case just as she would if it was her family she was defending. She made me living my life again possible. I owe her everything.

Thank you Cindy.