Second DUI in Mesa AZ

Cindy Castillo Testimonials

Having to refer a lawyer, especially a criminal lawyer, can usually only mean one thing; trouble. I would never wish the need of Cindy’s services to anyone I know, but if the need does arise, she is definitely the person you want fighting next to you. She took my second DUI case, which seemed like a lost cause to me, and turned it into an outcome I could not have even dreamed about. She went far above and beyond my expectations, listened to my side of the situation, kept me informed the whole way, thoroughly explained all possibilities, and worked on my case diligently until a plea was reached. Even though she was not “the one on trial”, she handled my case like she was, and fought for every break she could get, and I think to both our surprise got more than she, or I, expected. Cindy is an amazing attorney, and I would, and will, recommend her to anyone in “trouble”. TD – Mesa, AZ