Nothing short of amazing

Cindy Castillo Testimonials

Finding Cindy Castillo as my Attorney was the most fortunate choice I could have made. Facing 2 DUI charges and other traffic violations I needed an attorney that would treat my case with attention and not just as another case number. That’s exactly what you’ll get from Mrs. Castillo, personal attention and care for your case. My case was set for trial 3 times over the course of almost 2 years. Mrs. Castillo was tenacious in attending all required court appearances, most of which I did not need to attend which saved me a bunch of time not missing work.

When the trial time did come, Mrs. Castillo was nothing short of amazing in her court room presentation and defense of the case, which I’ll admit was closer to the Hollywood version than I had anticipated. Mrs. Castillo was able to consistently counter the prosecution on every one of their points. Long story short I was found not guilty on 1 DUI charge, and all other 3 charges were dropped without me spending 1 moment in jail. That’s a 100% victory!
Thanks Cindy!

Ed, Phoenix, AZ August 2013