If a loved one is in Jail on a Bond what should you do?

Cindy Castillo Arizona Law

Have you had a loved one arrested and held on a bond in Arizona? If yes then this video will give you some insight into what is happening and what you should consider doing.

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Hi my name is Cindy Castille with Castille law I like to talk today about when your loved one has been arrested and has a bond

There are two types of bonds in the state of Arizona: one is called a secured appearance bond, and the other bond is a cash only bond.

Now if you’ve received, or if a loved one, has a cash only bond; that typically means that the court or the judge is only going to accept cash. If you’ve received a secure appearance bond this means that you are able to get a bondsman who will post security on your behalf for a certain percentage of money.

This means that you’ll normally have to pay a bondsman usually a 10% fee in order to post a security for you. Now usually the bondsman is going to require that you also provide a security, which usually is a title to a home or title to a car.

If your loved one is in the situation I recommend that you contact an attorney before contacting a bondsman. There are a lot of reasons why you should do this. First off if your loved one has been charged with a crime it may be more important to have an attorney on his behalf then have them out, because often times the person is going to be looking at jail time anyway. Also an attorney can be successful in modifying the bond sometimes modifying it down to having your loved one released on his own recognizance, or released on electronic monitoring, or pretrial services.

Again if your love one has been arrested and is being held in jail on a bond whether it be a secured appearance bond, or cash only bond contact an attorney first. Feel free to contact me I offer free consultations
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