What should you do if you get a letter for TASC?

Cindy Castillo Arizona Law

In Arizona if you have been charged with a drug offense you may receive a letter from the Attorney Generals office for a TASC class. In this video Cindy Castillo of Castillo Law in Phoenix Arizona explains what you should do and why.

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Hi my name is Cindy Castillo with Castillo Law. There are certain circumstances where you may have been contacted by law enforcement officers, and may have been told that you will be receiving a charge in the mail for possession of marijuana or for possession of drugs. Now if that has happened to you there are certain circumstances where the County Attorney’s office will send you a letter and say that you are eligible for TASC.

If you receive one of these letters it is very important that you contact an attorney right away. Don’t just take task. There are certain circumstances where an attorney may be able to assist you from ever having to do TASC. Usually what TASC is is that you will need to pay a fee in order to do some drug testing and you will have to do a class. You will be on, like, probation for about 90 days if this is a marijuana charge, or if it’s a narcotic drug or dangerous drug category it may be even six months to a year.

This can wreak some havoc on your life. Therefore if you receive one of these letters contact me, I offer free consultations
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