When Can You Apply for a Restricted Driving Permit?

Cindy Castillo FAQs

Provided you meet the necessary requirements, a restricted driving permit can be issued to you either by mail or in any Driver License office. “Necessary requirements” would be when a breath, blood or urine test has been submitted to MVD indicating a blood alcohol level of .08 or more, it is the first DUI within five years, and the DUI did not result in serious physical injury. You can apply for a restricted driving permit after your license has been suspended through an MVD hearing. After 30 days following your license suspension date, you can apply for a restricted license. To apply, you must complete an alcohol screening. Talk with your attorney about which screener you should use, as every court has different requirements. After you’ve completed your screening, go to a local DMV, pay a fee and, for the remaining 60 days of your suspension, with the restricted license, you will be able to drive to work and/or school.