How Can I Reinstate My Revoked License?

Cindy Castillo FAQs

If your license is revoked, you must submit a Revocation Investigation Packet. The MVD will then conduct an investigation. If your reinstatement request is approved, you will pay the necessary reinstatement and reapplication fees and your privileges will be restored. If your request is denied you are eligible to request an Administrative Hearing. An investigation packet is not required for reinstatement of medical revocations.

You may obtain the Revocation Investigation Packet by clicking here.

Castillo Law has a lot of success in getting client’s licenses reinstated after filing a Revocation Packet. Often, clients find the Revocation Investigation Pakcet much to daunting to tackle on their own. Accordingly, they hire our services to help ensure everything is completed correctly. Contact Castillo Law today to find out more at: 602-795-6701.