Complete Acquittal False Reporting 2012

Cindy Castillo Case Successes, Other

State v. Mr. J. (2012)

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Date: Jan 01, 2012

Outcome: Not Guilty

Description: Not Guilty / Complete Acquittal / False Reporting Arizona – State v. Mr. J. (Yarnell Justice Court No. CR120766): Mr. J and his girlfriend were driving to Las Vegas.  An Officer observed Mr. J’s car to be driving below the speed limit.  When the officer stopped Mr. J’s car, he observed and video-taped what he believed to be the driver switching places with the passenger.  When the officer contacted both Mr. J. and his passenger, he found the passenger’s license to be suspended and the passenger to be barefoot.  The officer then contacted Mr. J. and when Mr. J stated he was the driver, the officer charged him with false reporting.  At trial, Ms. Castillo argued that Mr. J was always the driver and that the passenger was sitting on Mr. J.’s lap and had moved to the passenger side when the officer stopped the couple.  After trial, Mr. J. was found not guilty.