Aggravated Assault Reduced 2012

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State v. Ms. S. (2012)

Practice Area: Aggravated Assault / Dangerous

Date:  April 3, 2012

Outcome: Favorable Plea and Prison Avoided

Description:  Favorable Plea Non-Dangerous / Aggravated Assault Arizona – State v. Ms. S. (Maricopa County Superior Court Case No. CR-2011005983).  Ms. S. was on her way to a doctor’s appointment when another driver cut her off and caused Ms. S. to slam on her brakes.  Ms. S.’s items, including a gun, on her front passenger seat flew forward.  Ms. S. then picked up the gun while passing the other driver.  The State alleged that when Ms. S. passed the driver, she pointed the gun at her and did it again while Ms. S. was ahead of her.  The State was requesting prison.  After Ms. Castillo wrote several deviation letters, the State finally offered Ms. S. a no-agreements plea.  With the help of Ms. S.’s medical doctors and psychologist, and the use of a mitigation expert, Ms. Castillo was able to get the judge to order Ms. S. to be placed on probation and to give Ms. S. the minimum sentence under the plea.  Ms. S. was allowed to do her jail time in the infirmary.  Ms. S. was facing no less than five years in prison.

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