Manslaughter Reduced 2009

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State v. Mr. K. (2009)

Practice Area: Criminal Law / Manslaughter / Four Counts Aggravated Assault

Date: May 1, 2009

Outcome: 3 Years

Description: Manslaughter Cases (Maricopa County Superior Court CR-2007008459 Mr. K. and his friends were driving down road when another car made a left turn in front of Mr. K.’s car.  Officers estimated Mr. K. to be driving at a high rate of speed for the area.  Concerned citizens suggested the cars were in engaged in drag racing.  Investigation suggested that the victim car’s dash board lights were not functioning and a passenger was illuminating the dashboard with a cell phone.  Further investigation suggested that the victim car had just passed the turn to their destination and a passenger in the victim car was on the phone getting directions.  Drugs and/or alcohol were not an issue.  After several months of interviews and investigation, defense attorneys Ms. Starr and Ms. Castillo obtained a plea range of three to twelve years.  After a highly contested sentencing where the victims were asking for the maximum sentence, and providing much mitigation, a judge ordered the minimum sentence of three years.

Results depend upon factors unique to each case. Results in one case do not predict results in another case.

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